Bridal Style: The Updo


Up or Down? Curled or Straight? Accessories? Veil? Lots of questions pop up when it comes to bridal hair styles. Which style is the right fit for you?

5723130 For a formal affair or a glamorous look, we love a good updo (left)! Pulling your hair up is also a great way to show off a dress with in intricate or detailed top.

Whether you choose a sleek bun, classic curls, or intricate braiding, updos are a great, fresh way to celebrate in style. Accessories and veils are great pairs for updos – add a flower behind your ear, a headband to accent your style, or a veil to wear on top of or underneath the ‘do.

Right now, we especially love the look of a sleek updo paired with a birdcage veil. Sleek and minimalistic, this pairing adds beauty and a sense of style without taking away from the glam of your dress, your makeup, and your beautiful smile.

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