How To Start Your Wedding Planning

He’s asked and you’ve said yes. You have a gorgeous engagement ring. Now, though, comes the hard work of planning the perfect wedding. Do you know where to begin?

The best way to start your wedding planning is to find a professional wedding planner. Look for somebody who knows the ins and outs of planning the perfect Toronto wedding.


A Toronto wedding planner can work with you to start determining the big aspects of your dream wedding. This includes choosing a date (or narrowing it down to a few possible dates) and choosing a theme or overall style of wedding.

You won’t need to work out all the details just yet, but having a big picture is a good way to start. However, if there are some details that you know you absolutely want included, they can help form the basis of your theme and overall design.

Another big step in your wedding planning, and one that should happen early in the process, is setting your budget. Figuring out what you can afford to spend may not be the most fun part of planning, but it is easily one of the most important. Knowing your budget will make all of your wedding planning go much easier, too.

If you’re ready to start planning your Toronto wedding, get in touch with us today.


Photo: Flickr/kylekuo


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