Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is an essential part of any successful wedding. If you’re planning your big day, you might be wondering just what a wedding planner can do and why you should hire one. Here are the top ten reasons to work with a professional Toronto wedding planner.

1. A wedding planner will help you make your dream wedding a reality, not a nightmare. This is because a wedding planner knows how to create all the elements necessary for that dream come true.

2. A wedding planner can help you secure the best venues. Wedding planners have special relationships with all the best Toronto wedding venues and can often help you book a venue that you didn’t think was possible or a hidden gem you didn’t even know existed.


3. A wedding planner can help you stay on budget. Whatever you wedding budget, you need to stick to it. With industry discounts and an eye on doing things right the first time, a planner can keep you on target.

4. A wedding planner will make sure nothing is overlooked. From flowers to the best man’s thank you gift, a wedding planner knows every last thing you’ll need for the perfect wedding.

5. A wedding planner will keep your stress levels down on your wedding day. You might still be nervous about walking down the aisle, but a wedding planner will ensure you don’t have to be worried about whether the caterer has put the cake in the right place.

6. A wedding planner can help you organize a wedding from afar. If you want a Toronto wedding but live too far away to do the day-to-day work required to plan it, a wedding planner can work on your behalf.

7. A wedding planner will let you keep up with your regular life. Wedding preparations can quickly take over every last second of your life. A wedding planner will help you carry on with all the things you enjoy doing, and will keep your wedding from interfering with your work.

8. A wedding planner serves as a referee in any planning battles. Whether it’s between you and your fiance, you and your mother, or you and a vendor, your planner can help mediate any disagreements that might arise.

9. A wedding planner offers advice based on experience. This is your first wedding, but your wedding planner has been through this many, many times. Using a planner’s experience can make things go smoother.

10. A wedding planner can be there every step of the way. Planning a wedding is a long process, from choosing the invitation style to sending out thank you cards. A wedding planner is somebody you can rely on from start to finish.

If you’re ready to hire an excellent Toronto wedding planner, or want to know even more reasons why a wedding planner is such a big help, give us a call today!


Photo: Flickr/Amanda Goss


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