Wedding Day Disaster Preparedness

Even when you have every detail of your wedding meticulously planned, things can go wrong. Whether the weather turns bad or your bridesmaid gets blotto, there’s no need to cry. By being prepared for disaster, you can often prevent things from becoming a problem.


Bad weather

If you’re planning an outdoor Toronto wedding, you run the risk of having bad weather upset your plans. The simple solution to this is to have a Plan B for your day. This might be having an indoor venue ready in case of rain, or having a tent for the event, or even offering guests umbrellas as a wedding favor.

Cake catastrophes

A ten-tiered cake might be your dream, but a big cake comes with the risk of gravity wreaking havoc. If your cake collapses, or your cake table gives out, there’s not a lot you can do other than laugh it off and enjoy the delicious disaster. You can prepare by working with your baker to ensure that you know the weight of the cake and how it will need to be supported.

Drunk guests

If a guest, or member of the wedding party, gets too jovial in their celebration of your wedding, you might have to handle an awkward situation. While you can’t control what every guest does, you can appoint a person to intervene in any behavior problem situation. This could be your wedding planner or a member of your bridal party. This will help ensure the unruly guest doesn’t disrupt things without you having to worry about it on your big day.

Many wedding problems come from bad planning. When you work with a fantastic Toronto wedding planner, you can be sure you have the wedding of your dreams. To find out more about what we can offer, get in touch today!


Photo: Flickr/Dennis Crowley



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